TALK OF DREAMS (Official Music Video)

Dir./Ed. Rick Gates - Tendrile Productions

DPs Rick Gates, James Kaiser, and Nick Pemble

STILL (Official Music Video)

Dir./Ed. Matt HarsH & Sam Ambler

D.O.P. Mark Spomer 

SUNDAY DRIVE (Official Music Video)

Dir./Ed. Garrick Nelson 

MOONWISH - GEMINI (Electronic Version)

Dir./Ed. John Isberg

Prod. Matt HarsH

BY THE WAY (EFS 72 Hr Music Video Contest Entry) 

Dir./Ed. Whitney Peterson

Fil. Whitney Peterson & Cody Van Roberts

HEY, LONELY (Official Music Video)

Dir./Ed. James Triechler 

CAFÉ SONG (Official Music Video)

Dir./Ed. Matt HarsH

Feat. Latte Art by Tam & Marlo (For Erin)

THE BEAT WAS BURNT (Official Music Video)

*The story in this song and video is metaphorical, not literal. Thanks! 

Dir. Matt HarsH & Fil. Sam Ambler