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FEATHERS Soundtrack, Score and Website!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🖤🧚✨

1. FEATHERS Soundtrack Playlist!:

1. Feathers in D Minor (Bubble Bubble Gum Gum) (Megan Johns, Shannon Swords and Aaron Nelson)

2. Happy (Megan Johns)

3. Sobering Up (Baroque Betty)

4. Sushito (Amy Danziger Feat. Mood Area 52)

5. Blue As The Summer Sky (Billy Barnett / GungHo Studio)

6. Roses (Shannon Swords and Megan Johns)(Bubble Bubble Gum Gum)

7. Depth Sounding (Susan Johns)

8. The Looking Glass (Susan Johns)

9. On Moving (Paul Quillen)

2. FEATHERS (Original Motion Picture Score) available on Spotify!:

3. FEATHERS website!:

All made with love! Wishing all a safe and lovely weekend. ♥️✨




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