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"Feathers" Movie: Behind the Scenes

"Feathers" behind the scenes video by "drone guy" extraordinaire, Daniel Martinez!

I am honored to guest write/direct Fantasy movie short, "Feathers," as part of Tendrile Productions', "Scene in Eugene," series, along with magical, talented friends! It was a special, lovely challenge filmed entirely outside with hefty safety-first protocol within state and CDC guidelines and regulations. Our hardcore cast and crew withstood 100+ degree weather, overgrown hikes and more during 9 straight days of shooting. We put our heart and soul in! Fall 2020 Release! Infinite thanks to everyone involved! <3

Check out "Feathers" and "Scene in Eugene" in Eugene Weekly!:

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Starring: Sara Blythe, Malakhai Schnell, Zoe Wassman, Sofia Dumitru, Tracy Ilene Miller, Breann Pleasant, Andre Royal Sr, Aaron and Robin Nelson, Dylan Fix-Carter and Shannon Swords!

Writer/Director: Megan Johns

Produced By: Megan Johns, One Tree Productions, LLC, Tendrile Productions, Dylan Fix-Carter + Zoe Wassman

DP: Walter King

Visual FX: Dylan Keim

Wardrobe: Zoe Wassman + Dylan Fix-Carter

with items from Nick Rotondo, Malakhai Schnell, Sara Blythe, Megan Johns + Will Brack

Makeup: Zoe Wassman

"Drone Guy": Daniel Martinez

B Camera: Matthew Hewlett

PSR: Rick Gates + Peter Lovejoy

ADR: Rick Gates

Casting: Megan Johns, Rick Gates + Carolyn Gates

Score: Shannon Swords, Megan Johns + Walter King

Feat. Guests

Locations: True Russell at Kastle House, The Fix-Carter Family and Spencer Creek Lutheran Church

"Feathers" Description: After a tough break up and artist's life in Seattle, depressed and haunted Melanie Falcon returns home to family in Eugene. When a macabre fire pit accident throws her into a mystical realm, she rediscovers what is important and how to move forward.

Much love and thanks to everyone involved! <3


"Feathers" screenshots by Walter King and BTS photos by Dylan Keim

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