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New "Talk of Dreams" Music Video Out Now!

Megan Johns - Talk of Dreams Music Video Still

Our new "Talk of Dreams" music video off of new rock-indie-psychedelic, "Inner Voice EP," is out now! Directed by Rick Gates (Tendrile Productions), it features full band performance, as well as performances by contact juggler, Riel Green, contortionist, Ella Mae King (Girl Circus) and talented friends (credits below)! THANK YOU to all involved! <3

Directed by: Rick Gates - Tendrile Productions

DPs: Rick Gates, James Kaiser, and Nick Pemble

Rhythm Guitar/Vocals/Songwriting: Megan Johns

Lead Guitar: Billy Barnett

Bass: Aaron Nelson

Drums (Video/Live): Alice Gardner

Drums (Recording)/Boxing: Jesse Greenlee

Contact Juggler: Riel Green

Contortionist: Ella Mae King (Girl Circus)

Witch/Psychedelic Umbrella Queen: Melvyn Manapasal

Chew Bear/Roller: Daniel Ferguson

Bear Child: Theo

Masquerader: Alejandro Sarmiento

Fox Masquerader: Nick Pemble

Masquerader/Roller/Film Crew: Miles Dixon

Psychedelic Umbrella Props and Connects: Darcy Duruz (Girl Circus)

Special Thanks: Joshua Isaac Finch, Old Nick’s Pub, Spencer Butte, Dylan Keim, Girl Circus and Everyone Involved!

Writer's Note: This song is about the many masks forced upon us by society, and how in wearing them, we often forget our true selves and our dreams to contort into something else. Also thematic is Halloween, my favorite holiday for our brief ability to dress as and be whatever or whoever we like for a day without much social scorn - a different sort of mask. Hope you like it!

©2019 "Talk of Dreams" song written by Megan Johns

Recorded and Mixed by Billy Barnett at Gung-Ho Studio, Eugene, OR

Mastered by Mo Talaba at Numberstation

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