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Grrrlz Rock Festival

I had fun playing solo with talented women & their collaborators yesterday for local non-profit, Grrrlz Rock, at Hop Valley Brewing Co. in Eugene, OR for #grrrlzrockfestival2018!

This non-profit supports and celebrates women and girls in music and arts, mostly via the inclusive Grrrlz Rock Festival every November in Oregon that also features bands and collaborations with men, boys and gender non-conforming friends. Thousands of musicians and bands from all genres (and genders) have participated over 13 years.

There are more events with Grrrlz Rock coming, so stay tuned, donate to and check out Grrrlz Rock! <3

Grrrlz Rock Logo

Grrrlz Rock Logo Design by Brian Hahn

Megan Johns at Grrrlz Rock Festival 2018

Photo by Patricia at Grrrlz Rock

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