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3 Nonprofits Benefit

"Women's March 2017" Painting_Megan Johns

"Women's March 2017" 2018, 24"x36" Acrylic on Canvas, Megan Johns

To buy a postcard or print that benefits 3 nonprofits: ACLU-Oregon, ELAW and PP-SWOregon, CLICK HERE!

Hi Folks!

I’m selling postcards and prints of my acrylic painting, “Women’s March 2017,” based on my local march in Eugene, OR, to benefit 3 rad, local nonprofits (below). Remember: VOTE NOVEMBER 6!

Or in person at my shows!

All print profits equally benefit 3 local NONPROFITS:

Fighting for immigrant and refugee status, combating racism and incarceration, protecting reproductive freedoms and LBGTQ rights with legal assistance and advocacy here in Oregon.

Charity Navigator Score: 94.07

Based in Eugene, OR, collaborating across borders to secure climate justice and defend human rights in communities globally.

Charity Navigator Score: 98.09

Healthcare, education, and advocacy, delivering vital reproductive healthcare and accurate sex education in Oregon.

Charity Navigator Score: 92.33

All prints printed with soy ink on recycled paper by Shelton Turnbull, a local, green, employee-owned company.

*10.18.2018 UPDATE: We've raised and donated $800 to ACLU-OR, ELAW, and PPSW!

Thank You!

*I wish I could benefit all rad nonprofits!

To see my ongoing list of “57 Rad Nonprofits” to add to your donate list, GO HERE!

I’m inspired by so many humans who, despite major obstacles, focus on love, compassion and work for a better, more peaceful future.

Thanks to my friends and family, Shelton Turnbull printing and to you for your support!

You rock! <3

Again, to buy a postcard or print that benefits 3 nonprofits: ACLU-Oregon, ELAW, and PP-SWOregon, CLICK HERE!

Or in person!

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