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New Music Video & Single Release: "Gemini"

Megan Johns_Gemini Music Video Shoot

MoonWish Gemini Music Video Shoot

John Isberg_Gemini Video Behind the Scenes

It's out! My new synth pop, comic-inspired music video for single, "Gemini," shot in Champaign, Illinois by John Isberg over the summer, is now released under moniker, MoonWish.

This came together fast during my short visit. It was great to see familiar faces and be creative (some folks braved many mosquitos for this)!

Thanks to John Isberg of Swede Films and Matt Harsh of HarsHPro Video, to James Treichler and Shannon Swords for co-producing and engineering the single and to actors, Larry Gates of Curb Service, Syd Gates, John Hoeffler, Jeff McGill, Phil Strang, Sweeney, Freddy, Garrick Nelson, Ashley Buerkett, Aron Stromberg, Murph at Mike 'N Molly's and all the lovely people who came out and made this possible.

Happy Halloween! Enjoy!

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