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Hitting Recording Studios from Blackbird (Nashville) to Tiny Telephone (San Francisco) for a New Pro

Happy Pi Day~

I am back recording music and collaborating with talented engineer/musician friends, James Treichler and Shannon Swords across the country!

Between Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN, Tiny Telephone Studio in San Francisco, CA, my childhood house in Illinois, and my new place in Oregon, we are going all out. This project will be different than my last releases and features synth pop-inspired midi, a couple multi-instrumentalist family and friends, drums recorded to tape and sounds from the first instrument I ever played -my Mom's Steinway piano.

Lookout for a new single release this fall, 2015 under the name, MoonWish!

Marvin the studio cat at Tiny Telephone_Megan Johns Recording

Marvin the studio cat at Tiny Telephone, San Francisco.


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