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11"x17" Print

"Women's March 2017." 2018. 24"x36" Acrylic on Canvas. Megan Johns.

All profits equally benefit 3 local nonprofits: ACLU-Oregon, ELAW and PP-SWOregon


Women's March Painting Print (11"x17")

SKU: 217537123517253
  • 11"x17" Print

    All print profits are split equally between 3 local nonprofits:


    1. American Civil Liberties Union - Oregon:

    Fighting for immigrant and refugee status, combating racism and incarceration, protecting reproductive freedoms and LBGTQ rights with legal assistance and advocacy here in Oregon.

    Charity Navigator Score: 94.07


    2. Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW):

    Based in Eugene, OR, a collective of 300+ lawyers and scientists from 70 countries, collaborating globally across borders to secure climate justice and defend human rights in communities worldwide.

    Charity Navigatore Score: 98.09


    3. Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon:

    Healthcare, education, and advocacy, delivering vital reproductive healthcare and accurate sex education in Oregon.

    Charity Navigator Score: 92.33


    All prints printed with soy ink on recycled paper by Shelton Turnbull, a local, green, employee-owned printer in Eugene, OR.


    Thanks for your support! <3

  • No Refunds. All sales are final. 

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