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**Something like Trent Reznor taking over the Smashing Pumpkins and 

replacing Corgan with Tori Amos.**

                             – Middle Tennessee Music

**Johns creates music that is at once sweet and biting: 

the languid tone of her voice providing a perfect lace overlay

to the harder-rocking arrangements beneath them.**

                                        – The News Gazette

**Melodic and hypnotizing.** Best Local Singer-Songwriter 2013

                                – Smile Politely


**She lures her listeners to unearth

a deeper subconscious level.**

                                     – The Buzz Weekly



American alternative psychedelic rock singer-songwriter, Megan Johns, originates from a small urban oasis surrounded by endless fields of Illinois corn and soy. At age 16, she recorded her first album written secretly in early adolescence. Comparisons to Fiona Apple and Neko Case were common, with one reviewer describing the record as, "Alternative folk rock with unlikely flashes of Mazzy Star." She began receiving press and collaborating with artists such as Mountain Goats bassist, Peter Hughes, Zoot Suit Riot engineer Billy Barnett, recording engineers Andy Lund and Adam Schmitt, as well as accomplished string and horn players and emcees.


Johns has played hundreds of shows in the last decades, including internationally. Over the last 19 years, her style has evolved into genre-bending, emotionally based originals with whispery vocals over harder, sometimes metal-like, rock arrangements first showcased in 2012 album, Hey, Lonely recorded by Adam Schmitt. Her 6-track full-band, Inner Voice EP (October 2019), recorded at Gung-Ho Studio in Eugene, OR, features psychedelic, danceable rock originals garnering comparisons to Tori Amos, Smashing Pumpkins and Chrissie Hynde. And in 2020, under moniker, Bubble Bubble Gum Gum, she and partner, Shannon Swords, won "Best Original Score" at the Phoenix Shorts Festival for their collaborative, synth-heavy Feathers (Original Motion Picture Score), set to Megan's own Writer/Director film debut, Fantasy/Drama, Feathers.


Megan Johns is currently based in the Pacific Northwest with her bands. Her mission is to share and instill love, healing, epiphany and the value of creativity via music and art. She performs solo and with a full backing band, currently including Billy Barnett (lead guitar), Aaron Nelson (bass),  Alis Gardner (drums), Will Brack (drums), and alternately as MoonWish.




Based in the Pacific Northwest, Megan Johns is a visual artist, filmmaker, art instructor, performer and singer-songwriter of 17 years. Her mission is to share and instill love, healing, epiphany and the value of creativity.

Megan completed a BA in Studio Art from Eastern Illinois University in 2010 with a painting concentration, an Associates Degree in Art from Parkland Community College in 2008, and also studied oil painting at the University of Illinois for one year and abroad in Paris, France and Canterbury, England. She has 4 years of teaching experience at paint and sip shop, Vino and Vango, to hundreds of students of all ages, as well as experience developing and instructing sold out painting courses to adults at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon.


In 2020, in association with Lane County Filmmakers and talented friends, Megan wrote and directed Fantasy/Drama film short, Feathers (34 minutes). She also composed and performed the Feathers (Original Motion Picture Score) in collaboration with her partner, Shannon Swords, under moniker, Bubble Bubble Gum Gum, winning "Best Original Score" at Phoenix Shorts Festival.

With creativity, Megan explores emotional, biological and social aspects of human experience through her lens, returning to themes of apocalypse, psychedelia and where spiritual and ordinary juxtapose for mystery, uncanny humor and beauty. Portraits occur. Acrylic, Watercolor and Charcoal are 2D favorites, although all mediums are appreciated. She also performs her music solo, with a full rock band and alternately as MoonWish.


























Will Brack (drums/music/acting), Alis Gardner (drums/percussion), Jesse Greenlee (drums/percussion), Billy Barnett (recording/guitar), Aaron Nelson (bass), Lane County Filmmakers (video/production/acting), Shannon Swords (emcee/production/recording/acting), Sara Blythe (acting/singing), Mo Talaba (mastering), James Treichler (drums/percussion/recording/video), Dave Cohen (bass/sax), Sara Sasaki (violin), Susan Johns (viola), Chris Green (emcee/production/acting/comedy), Sampson Ray Simon (emcee/production/acting), Andre Royal Sr (acting), Breann Pleasant (writing/acting/design), Dylan Keim (production/video/VFX/Art), Malakhai Schnell (acting), Chelsea Real (directing/acting), Alejandro Sarmiento (art/acting), Robin Nelson (music/acting), Melvyn Manapasal (acting), Blake Laitner (directing/acting), Darcy Duruz (production/wardrobe), Ella Mae King (contortion), Riel Green (contact juggling/acting), Sofia Dumitru (acting/writing), Jason Williams (directing/video), Alexander Coleman (acting), Liv Tavernier (acting), Laura Darling (acting), Tracy Ilene Miller (acting), David Mort (directing/acting/puppeteer), Carolyn Gates (directing/casting), Sam Sprague (acting), Russ Dregne (acting), Mike Schwabb (acting), Jarrett Bryant (director/soundtrack), Mike Arnold (guitars/recording), Whitney Peterson (video), Cloud Pemble (acting), Rick Gates / Tendrile Productions (Video), Walter King / OneTreeProductions (Video), Zoe Wassman / Oros Films (production design/writing/acting), Dylan Fix-Carter / BluryFilms (wardrobe/video/acting), Nick Pemble (video/acting), Erin Gillis (acting), Tam (acting), Marlo Habeeb (acting), Morgan Orion Reisman (acting), Michael Brackett (guitar/acting), Hayden Cler (guitar), David Tcheng (multi-instrumentalist), Adam Schmitt (recording), Mark Rubel (recording), Andy Lund (recording), Garrick Nelson (drums/percussion/video), Matt Harsh (video), Sam Ambler (video), John Isberg (video), Ali Sater (bass), Kevin Coulton (photos/acting), Kristen Johns (cello),  Mark Johns (design/album art), Rachael Johns (acting), Remy Tipei (drums/acting), Mike Ioannides (sax), Justin Thyme/Elephant Stereo (drums), Brendan Gamble (drums), Chad Dunn (percussion), Dorothy Martirano (violin), Carlyle Johnson (sax/clarinet), Otto Stuparitz (bass), Charlie Harris (bass), Tim Donaldson (guitar), Ben Donaldson (drums), Roger Prillaman (keys), Larry Gates (beats/remix/acting), Syd Gates (acting), Arthur Lee (videogame soundtrack), Peter Hughes (bass), Donovan Roediger (keys), Tim Bass (bass), Bill Kirby (bass), Chris Pankey (percussion), Elsa Enstrom (violin), Tyler Chen (bass),  Nathaniel Ruiz (sax/clarinet).




Local Press - The Register-Guard

"Hey, Lonely" Album Review - Middle Tennessee Music


Best Singer-Songwriter 2013 - Smile Politely Online Magazine


Local Press - The Buzz Weekly

Local Press - Eugene Weekly - On Film, "Feathers"

Eugene Weekly Mention - On Film, "Feathers"

The Register-Guard - On Film, "Feathers"


4.29.18 "We'll Make It" Clip

Megan Johns & Friends Live at Old Nick's Pub, Eugene, OR.

(Ft. Billy Barnett, Jesse Greenlee, Aaron Nelson)

Video Clip: Shannon Swords

10.22.17 "Inner Voice" Clip

Megan Johns & Friends Live at The Wow Hall, Eugene, OR.

(Ft. Billy Barnett, Jesse Greenlee, Aaron Nelson)

Video Clip: Ben Worcester (Said The Whale)

1.24.17 "Hey, Lonely" Tiny Desk Contest Entry 

Megan Johns & MoonWish Live in Living Room, Eugene, OR. 

(Ft. Billy Barnett, Jesse Greenlee, Aaron Nelson)

Video: Dylan Keim, Sound: Shannon Swords

8.8.14 "Still

Megan Johns Solo Live on "Hey, Lonely Tour" at Kulturcafe Lichtung, Cologne, Germany.

9.3.13 "Hey, Lonely"

Megan Johns Live with Timmy D & Blind Justice at Ellnora Guitar Festival, Krannert, IL.

9.29.12 "Hell & Highwater" by Shannon Swords

Feat. Megan Johns & MoonWish at Pygmalion Music Festival, IL. 

(Ft. Susan Johns, Sara Sasaki, James Treichler, Shannon Swords, Dave Cohen)

8.27.12 "By The Way"

Live Radio Performance as Megan Johns & MoonWish on WEFT 90.1 FM, IL. 

(Ft. Sara Sasaki, Susan Johns, Dave Cohen, James Treichler)

2.17.12 "Stepped Up"

Megan Johns & MoonWish Live at "Hey, Lonely" CD Release at Cowboy Monkey, Champaign, IL.

(Ft. Susan Johns, Sara Sasaki, James Treichler, Dave Cohen)

12.10.11 "The Beat was Burnt"

Megan Johns & MoonWish Live at Mike N Molly's, Champaign IL.

(Ft. Nathaniel Ruiz, Sara Sasaki, Tyler Chen, James Treichler)

12.10.11 "Mon Amour"

Megan Johns & MoonWish at Mike N Molly's, Champaign, IL.

(Ft. Nathaniel Ruiz, Sara Sasaki, Tyler Chen, James Treichler)

10.30.10 "Sunday Drive"

Megan Johns & MoonWish at Red Herring Coffeehouse, Urbana, IL.

(Ft. Otto Giovanni, James Treichler)

2006 "Bottles Broken"

Megan Johns with The Greytones Live, Champaign, IL.

(Mike Arnold, Garrick Nelson, Dave Cohen)


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